Our vision

Nature and computers are transcending their boundaries, evolving the very concept of life itself. We are on the cusp of a world where the way we exist is rewritten, a world where we live in this ‘new nature.’ Such a world is just around the corner.

Sustainable Pavilion 2025 is developing the “Mirrored Body®,” a humanoid ID that connects people and data. This will allow people to exist as their one and only self in this world.
By expanding its social implementation, we aim to create a new world where everyone has a “new proof of self” that transcends both the physical and digital worlds.

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In 2025, Osaka-Kansai will host the World Expo. At this place where the world’s knowledge and visions of the future converge, we seize the opportunity to share humanity’s possibilities and hopes from Japan. Sustainable Pavilion 2025 embarks on the challenge of advancing our era. Through experiences utilizing ‘Mirrored Body®‘ in our signature pavilion ‘null2,’ we aim to promote the evolution of society beyond 2025 by placing the means to live in the ‘new nature’ into the hands of many.

We are looking for a project partner who can advance this world together and socially implement the humanoid ID “Mirrored Body®

Investment, financial support, project sponsorship, and more.
You can participate in our projects in any way you like.
Join us in moving the world forward.

Create a fresh "self"
for Digital Nature


Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai Signature Pavilion
"null2" Bronze Partner