Mirrored Body®

1. The One and Only Duplicate of You
Combining the necessary visual digital data for biometric authentication with non-replicable, counterfeit-proof NFTs, it can be utilized as a uniquely authenticated digital avatar.
2. Keep Your Records, Predict Your Future
By recording detailed information about your body, such as physical measurements and medical history, for example, it can be used to simulate and predict physical changes.
3. A New Format Created by Social Implementation
By connecting financial and lifestyle accounts to Mirrored Body®, the ultimate ID foundation, all account-related procedures for various activities can be done seamlessly.

By accumulating the third-party data, you can grow your Mirrored Body® and make it closer to yourself

Mirrored Body® will keep growing.
By linking with third parties, data is accumulated into the Mirrored Body®, including your past history and physical information.
The more data is accumulated, the closer it becomes grows.

As if handed directly. Utilizing NFT technology enables the realization of Self-Sovereign digital Identity.

For example, it allows for the secure exchange of data, which you may only want to disclose to specific individuals, as if you were putting the data in an envelope and handing it directly. By leveraging decentralized NFTs, it achieves self-sovereign personal information management, reducing the risk of data leaks, and minimizing management costs associated with transactions.

In an era where individuals manage their own data, a physical card-shaped hardware wallet serves as the key to safeguard your digital wallet.

It offers two-factor protection for sensitive personal information and assets in the digital realm, eliminating worries about hacking or theft over the internet. Safely and conveniently utilize Mirrored Body® as it evolves into a secure societal infrastructure for everyone to embrace the ‘new nature’.

Create a fresh "self"
for Digital Nature


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