We, Sustainable Pavilion 2025, are developing the ‘ultimate ID foundation’ known as ‘Mirrored Body®,’ which serves as the ‘physical’ aspect in the ever-expanding digital world. By connecting activities in the physical and digital realms through a single ID, we seamlessly traverse between these two worlds, greatly extending the time and space available for human experiences and expanding the possibilities of life. Our goal is to create a society where everyone can freely utilize this ‘new body.’

Sustainable Pavilion 2025 is developing the ‘Mirrored Body®,’ an ultimate ID foundation that integrates digital and physical IDs, advancing the concept of Digital Humans. We are working on standardizing the mechanisms and technology, creating rules, and striving to realize a platform that can be socially utilized by everyone.



In 2025, as a result of a large-scale event, we aim to expand our user base and establish Mirrored Body as the de facto standard, realizing its widespread adoption and implementation in society.


Sustainable Pavilion 2025’s ID foundation is collaborating with various business partners (service providers) to expand opportunities for its utilization in society. This ID foundation, ‘Mirrored Body®,’ is scheduled to be demonstrated at the Osaka-Kansai Expo in 2025, within the signature pavilion ‘null2‘ produced by Yoichi Ochiai. Through this demonstration, we intend to achieve a short-term expansion of users as many pavilion visitors experience it. We will collaborate with business partners from various industries (service providers) to jointly create services using Mirrored Body®. Following the conclusion of the Expo, we will not only introduce this service but also engage in full-fledged businesses, including joint business development.

Company Outline
Company Name Sustainable Pavilion 2025 Inc.
Date of
7th April 2022
Location 1F, 3-8-16 Koyama, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Business related to planning, development, production, sales, and servicing of software featuring Digital Twin, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies.
Business related to planning, development, production, sales, and servicing of hardware
Business related to planning, development, production, servicing, operation, and management of platform services
Business related to planning and organizing various events
Business related to collection, processing, and provision of various types of information
Business related to planning and production of advertisements / advertising agency business
Any and all businesses associated with the above list of items

Create a fresh "self"
for Digital Nature


Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai Signature Pavilion
"null2" Bronze Partner